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Claims Center

How do I file a claim?

Within a reasonable time after the discovery of a defect and before the expiry of the applicable home warranty insurance coverage under this Policy, the Owner must give written notice to:

i) the Builder; and
ii) The Warranty Provider.

What information should I include in my claim submission?

Please include the following information with your claim submission:

  • Homeowner name
  • Address of insured property
  • Address of homeowner (if different)
  • Day time phone number
  • Email address
  • Policy number
  • Numbered, itemized list of defects identifying what the defect is and where it is located. One defect per
    line number only, please.

Note that incomplete submissions may cause delays in processing your claim.

Is there a deductible for filing a claim?

There is currently no deductible for filing a warranty claim in British Columbia; however, there is a deductible for filing a claim in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

What is the deductible?

Province Policy Single Family Claim Common Property Claim Multi-Family Unit Claim
AB 1/2/5/10 50.00 + GST* $100+GST (1 Year claims)
$500.00+GST (2,5,10 year claims)
$50.00 + GST*
AB 1/5 $250.00 + GST $500.00 + GST $250.00 + GST
SK 1/5 $250.00 + GST $500.00 + GST $250.00 + GST
MB 1/5 $250.00 + GST $500.00 + GST $250.00 + GST

*$50 deductible (plus GST) per claim submission for all Single Family and Multi-family unit claims to a maximum of $300 (plus GST) per year.

Will the warranty provider send someone to identify the defects in my home?

No, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to identify what the defects are and to submit an claim to the warranty provider prior to the applicable expiry dates.

Do I have to hire a home inspector or engineering firm to inspect for defects?

No, it’s not necessary. However, if you do hire an inspector or engineering firm, it’s important to remember to request that their report also include an itemized, numbered summary indicating where the actual defect is located and what the actual defect is. Each item will have its own number to identify each defect.

Do I have to allow my builder access to complete warranty repairs?

As per your warranty, the first opportunity to complete the repairs will be given to your builder.

I submitted my claim to the Builder prior to the expiry date but not to WBI. Why was my claim denied by WBI?

As per your warranty policy, the warranty provider must be informed in writing prior to the expiry of the applicable home warranty coverage in order for your claim to be considered.

How do I know if warranty repairs completed by the Builder are acceptable or not?

All warranty repairs have to meet acceptable industry standards as outlined in the Homeowner Protection Residential Construction Performance Guide.

Is there a timeline in relation to how long the builder gets to complete the outstanding warranty repairs?

Warranty repairs are to be completed in a timely manner as determined by the warranty provider, with consideration given to the weather and the availability of materials and labour. If after a reasonable period of time your builder has not responded to your claim, please contact the warranty provider and they will schedule a technical assessment.


During normal office hours, please contact our office to report a potential claim.


In the event that you have a claims emergency while our office is closed, please have your policy number ready and phone the appropriate number below:


Intact/Novex: 1-866-464-2424
Economical: 1-800-554-1639
SMI: 1-800-667-3067
Premier Marine: 1-604-669-9662


Intact/Novex: 1-866-464-2424
Economical: 1-800-607-2424
SMI: 1-800-667-3067
Premier Marine: 1-800-235-8784


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